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Take a Trial Class at Aeris in Sandy!

Trial Class Price: $30

8496 Harrison St STE 111
Sandy, UT 84047

Register Today

Fill out the form and we'll register you for your trial class. Our aerial programs are almost full, so contact us today!


Check out our beautiful facility in Sandy! We take students ages 5 and up. Give your child the gift of confidence today, and bring them to Aeris, home of the Aeris Leadership Program™.

Watch this video to see how Aeris can help your child become strong, capable, and confident!




My son has LOVED this class. In fact, he has always struggled with feeling like the tiny kid amongst his peers - it breaks my heart. The other evening leaving class, he says, “You know what, I don’t hate my body anymore.” 



"The studio is gorgeous and the staff is friendly and helpful. My daughter has LOVED her time and has increased in physical and mental toughness. Aeris is a great experience!”

Matisse Spread Eagle.jpg


“This place is great. My 8 year old decided she would like to try and has learned so much so quickly. She is using muscles she doesn't normally use and is gaining flexibility, strength and confidence.”


Jess Joos-Ritchie

“My daughter has struggled with her confidence for the past year or more due to her being 10 years old and 5'2". She tried dance classes but would be put in her age group and would just tower over the other kids and it would trigger her anxiety. But at Aeris she said she feels so accepted and does not feel singled out. She feels like she belongs. There are times she gets frustrated with the silks but she said one time after class 'I love this, I will not give up.' The teachers are great and so friendly. I have my smiling daughter.” 

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