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More than an aerial studio…

Aeris Aerial Arts is so much more than an aerial studio. We teach life skills at Aeris through the Aeris Leadership Program™, a program that develops confidence, self-worth, and leadership attributes in our students. We recognize that only a small percentage of our students will become professional aerialists…while all of them will become professional people! We have an uplifting, safe environment where kids and adults will thrive while learning how to do amazing things with their bodies. Our students become physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. We have the best classes and teachers in Utah, and always give our best to our students. Interested in the aerial arts? We have an intro program for children, youth, and adults. Learn how to fly at Aeris Aerial Arts! We have locations in Sandy and Kaysville.

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Confidence Building

“This place is great. My 8 year old decided she would like to try and has learned so much so quickly. She is using muscles she doesn’t normally use and is gaining flexibility, strength and confidence.”

– Camille Smith


“Coming here has changed my entire life, not exaggerating. It is an incredibly supportive environment and if you stick with it, it will be the most challenging, yet rewarding sport that you can do for life.”

– Chloe Kent


“I love that classes are not only a fun way to workout but that they are also mentally and physically challenging, so you continually push yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of.”

– Kelsey Conrad

Great Instructors

“We love Aeris Aerial Arts! The instructors are extremely skilled, knowledgeable, kind, welcoming, and engaging! My daughter is in love with aerial arts and it’s all thanks to the team at Aeris!”

– Jo Duff

Kids Companies

Our kids companies have been featured in videos like the “Greatest Showman Mashup” by Vocal Point, “This is Me” by the One Voice Children’s Choir, and “When a Child is Born” by Lexi Walker. They have performed for The Osmond’s “Wonderama,” and Odyssey Dance Theatre’s “Thriller,” as well as in many other venues around the world.

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What Does Aeris Aerial Have to Offer?

Group Classes

Learn the aerial arts with friends! These group classes are designed to be fun and to help each student reach their full aerial potential.

Private Lessons

Take the fast track to aerial mastery! Our private lessons are with state-of-the-art teachers who really know their aerial arts.

Open Gym

We have open gym times where you can come and try out the newest aerial arts trick. We have teachers standing by to help you reach your aerial goals.

Live Performances

Our students frequently perform for corporate events, original cirque productions, and more.

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