Learn life skills through the aerial arts…

Aeris is so much more than an aerial studio. We recognize that only a small percentage of our students will become professional aerialists…while all of them will become professional people! We have an amazing leadership program for our students. Those who make it through the fundamental classes become “leadership” at the studio. They help teach classes, choreograph numbers, produce shows, and perform for Aeris Events, our high-scale event entertainment company. They also get involved with our nonprofit, 90&9, and hold workshops for at-risk teens and abuse survivors, as well as perform in cirque shows designed to promote healthy living and inspire teens to live good lives.

These life-changing opportunities teach our students amazing life skills like how to work with others, how to have creative differences and deal with them in a healthy and kind way, how to express emotion in a healthy way, how to be selfless, how to solve problems, how to organize large events, and how to believe in themselves. In our program, our students develop strong self esteem and confidence, and other life skills necessary to succeed in whatever path they choose.

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