Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

A lot of people ask me, “do you guys do aerial yoga?”

For those of you who don’t know, the google definition of aerial yoga is, “a hybrid type of yoga developed in 2014 combining traditional yoga poses, Pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock.”

Now, I love yoga, and I think it has amazing benefits. And aerial yoga is a great way to get flexible and have fun learning something new. But we don’t do aerial yoga.

When I started my aerial studio a decade ago, I had to choose which classes I wanted to teach. There were a lot of options to choose from, but ultimately I went with the apparatuses that my students can use during performances. At Aeris, we focus on performing, and aerial yoga isn’t a performing art, it’s mainly used to get in shape. We have silks classes, strap classes, hoop classes, and hammock classes, as well as some ground classes. Hammocks are similar to aerial yoga, with some big differences.

If you want to perform or do pretty poses, then go with the aerial hammock. The aerial hammock is rigged from a single point, and a yoga trapeze attaches to two separate rig points, isn’t stretchy, and has a lot of parts. The aerial hammock is a lot more comfortable, and it’s easier to wrap yourself up in it. You can do a lot more complex moves and poses on the hammock. And in the end, it’s a much more elegant, beautiful apparatus.

We have used the aerial hammock in many of our performances and events, and people love it. A lot of my students do duo hammocks, and perform with two people on two separate hammocks. It allows for beautiful shapes and interesting moves.

If you want to learn how to perform on the hammock and other apparatuses, click here.

See you in the air!

Darla Day

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