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Aeris Aerial Arts

RSnyder-1088Aeris Aerial Arts (formerly Darla’s Aerial Arts) started in Houston 7 years ago. We have brought this same program to Utah and have loved being here since 2012. If you have any questions, or would like to observe a class, give us a call, we can find a place for you!

Venue Performances

  • Glenn Beck Man in the Moon
  • Music Videos for Sony, Sean Cannon, Britney Spears, and more!
  • Special Olympics
  • Odyssey Dance Theater
  • Porsche
  • BP
  • Mustang
  • Adobe
  • Ebay
  • Overstock
  • Inquire for a full list of past performances

Aeris has produced:

    • Somnium
    • Valentine
    • Cirque Couleur at the Rose Wagner Theater.
    • Chess
    • Magic
    • Salt City Big Top
    • Diamonds


BREATHE. LIFE is BEAUTIFUL and SO are YOU.DREAM. THERE is ALWAYS a WAY to ACHIEVE GREATNESS, and it BEGINS with the BELIEF that you CAN. VISUALIZE. If YOU can SEE it, YOU can DO it. DARE. You never KNOW what you are PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY capable of, so TEST the LIMITS to the BRINK. LOVE. Passionately ENGAGE yourself in YOUR Ventures. DECLARE. Intensely and Absolutely ACCEPT YOURSELF, now SHARE it with the WORLD.

Aeris Aerial Arts Mission Statement

Meet the Director

jerry headshot diffDarla Davis

Trained with

    • Cirque de Soleil Trainers and Affiliates
      • Barnum and Bailey
      • Cirque USA.
      • Chimal
    • Travels with
      • Cirque USA
      • Transocean Circus
      • White Circus
      • J & D Entertainment
      • She has performed for Venues such as:
      • Celebrity Super Bowl Parties whose attendees included:
        • Black Eyed Peas
        • Hugh Jackman
        • Kid Rock
        • Nicole Scherzinger among others
      • Diamond and Denim
      • MDA
      • Dallas Cowboys Events
      • Hobby Center Moore School of Music
      • Golden Nugget,
      • San Louis Resort
      • and over 800 corporate galas/events



Having pursued aerial arts since 2011, as well as being an avid yogi and dancer, and holding a masters degree in organic chemistry, Sarah Roberts is the definition of a triple threat. Sarah has been with Company since 2013 and has already performed for events such as Uprising, and Mountain Land Design. Her skill sets include, trapeze, lyra, silks, and she is now furthering her knowledge into becoming a contortionist.


15 years experience in gymnastics, martial arts, and swimming, and aerial silk and cord lisse extraordinaire, Holden is one of our strongest coaches and company members. His expertise in acrobatics set him apart in his performing abilities. He has worked as an aerialist and acrobat for over 15 events.


A ballerina of over 20 years, studying under some of Russia’s toughest instructors Etila , and an aerialist of over 8 years make Amanda one of our most seasoned performers. She has performed for over 100 Events both as a dancer and an aerialist and most recently broke through in her aerial career performing aerial side by side with Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff and Tristen MacManus.
She is Currently following her dreams in Las Vegas


sarah hudson
A major in Bio Chemical Engineering, a seasoned and professional musician, a gymnast, and an aerialist of over 3 years, Sarah is another one of our triple threat performers. She has performed for over 15 high end corporate events, and has traveled the world doing aerial silks and rock climbing off of some of the most famous landscaping in the world! She has studied extensively in flying trapeze with some of Cirque du Soleil’s finest, and has learned static trapeze, lyra, and pole on top of her aerial silk skills. Fun fact about Sarah, she has the strongest hands, yes hands.

mark webberMARK WEBBER

Mark has been training at Aeris for over 3 years. He has been in ‘Cirque Colour’ and was the lead as Red King in ‘Chess A Cirque Show’. He also was a principal aerialist in Magic. He is an impressive artist and graphic designer. His forte is aerial silks and aerial straps. He is currently the head coach at Aeris.


Brandon has been with Aeris for over 3 years and in less than a year has been a fabulous addition to our professional company. He has over 15 years of All Around Gymnastic training under his belt. His specialty is silks , straps, and handbalancing/contortion. He is one of the US Aerial Champions and is currently following his dreams in Las Vegas